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Dank dieses Trading Bots haben die User die Möglichkeit, ohne Risiko und unumständlich in die beliebte Kryptowährung zu investieren.
Invest in crypto currency

Bitcoin Rush is a crypto trading bot that carries out the complete trading automatically. Therefore the Trading Bots score with decisive advantages, trading is possible at any time. Emotional uncertainties or indecision do not affect the trading platform. That is why Bitcoin Rush is a top choice especially for beginners.

For the correct adjustment of the robot at least the basic knowledge of trading is necessary. Profound knowledge is not necessarily required by the trader when using the software.

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Bitcoin Rush Review: How it works?

In this Bitcoin Rush review, you will discover how excellent this one works. The crypto robot works with well thought-out computer algorithms, which, with the right attitude of the trader, can be used in a very practical and profit-oriented way.

The software is able to process transactions completely automatically, so that the trader can devote himself to other tasks. The robot now takes over the checking of the price development or the consideration of whether a transaction is worthwhile or not. The robot is predestined to make much more exact and precise calculations than humans.

Of course, Bitcoin Rush never misses a trading opportunity. The algorithm makes it possible to compare extensive price data with current market conditions and produce plausible results. This activity is completed in 0.01 seconds, which is probably considerably more time for a human trader. The automatically working software is therefore able to make efficient trades.

Those who do not trust the automatism can of course just as well execute their transactions manually. The individual steps can be implemented as follows:

  • Register with your e-mail address
  • The instruction video is helpful for opening an account
  • The deposited money is credited promptly; a payout of the winnings is possible at any time
  • The new customer is assigned a reputable broker who assists him. The signals that are emitted by the software enable the first trading.

How to register in Bitcoin Rush

Personal data is required for registration in Bitcoin Rush, such as full name, a valid e-mail address and a password. After registration, the new customer will be forwarded to a partner broker who will explain the deposit options, among other things.

The provided demo account should be used; the platform’s functions are tested simultaneously; however, with Bitcoin Rush it should be noted that the demo account can only be activated after the first deposit.

However, the Live Account can only be used with real money.

Advantages of Bitcoin Rush

The advantages give the impression that this is not a Bitcoin Rush fraud:

  • Bitcoin Rush offers an integrated Wallet
  • The client’s money is managed separately, which speaks for its seriousness. The security and protection of the capital is guaranteed
  • High returns are quite feasible
  • The customer service is available around the clock
  • A free demo account is available
  • Excellent encryption technology protects the data, the entire network and the server
  • Uncomplicated operability
  • withdrawals are processed within 24 hours

Transparency is an important issue for Bitcoin Rush. The functions of the trading platform are explained plausibly and in detail. The preferred brokers are also listed. Bitcoin Rush explains the risks that need to be taken into account just as openly and honestly.

In addition, the customer support is always available. Bitcoin Rush scores with openness. There are no hidden fees and costs.

Clearly designed website Bitcoin Rush

Important information is presented on the trading platform in a clear and easily understandable way. A video presentation informs the interested visitor about further details; general knowledge about Bitcoin is presented to the user in this way.

A revealing graph shows the price since 2011, so that the potential trader can familiarize himself with the development of this cryptocurrency. Relevant is the reference to the integrated anti-virus programs such as Norton and McAfee; the homepage can thus be opened without reservation.

The positive and serious impression is reinforced by the presentation of press reports, awards and positive Bitcoin Rush experiences. The functions of Bitcoin Rush are now more comprehensible and comprehensible.

More about “Bitcoin Rush the lions’ den”

Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeiten einfach und bequem mit Bitcoin zu handeln.
Trading crypto currency

The VOX broadcast Cave of Lions introduced the Bitcoin automated trading platform. Making a deposit on the platform allows you to buy Bitcoin; so to speak, the prelude to activating the automated platform.

The deposit of 250 euros was demonstrated; the trading algorithm started to work, in this case selling high and buying low. Within 3 minutes, the balance was now 323.18 Euros, so a net profit of 73.18 Euros was recorded. This demonstration is of course of highest interest for the experienced trader.

Bitcoin Rush fraud

The opinions are contradictory. The results are convincing, so it makes sense to start a trial with 250 Euro before claiming that Bitcoin Rush fraud is. It is clear that a trading robot is faster and more efficient in finding relevant analyses of the price trend and triggering more successful transactions than the trader is able to. The concept and structure of the software confirms the logic behind Bitcoin Rush.

The accuracy of this software is proverbial, the programming is one of the most modern designs. That is why we are claiming that Bitcoin Rush fraud never happened. Even the latest award for the software is presented as the No. 1 trading software, presented by the US Trading Association.

Still, there are many who claim Bitcoin Rush fraud is true or it already happened to them. But traders must read numerous Bitcoin Rush review and check for themselves if Bitcoin Rush fraud is really happening.

Bitcoin Rush focuses on user training

>> Register at the Official Bitcoin Rush website

Bitcoin Rush allows you to deepen your existing knowledge through integrated training tools that have been developed explicitly for beginners and novices. Theoretically, the use of the software is of course conceivable even without specialist knowledge; in practice, at least basic knowledge ensures safety. Nobody likes to do business, especially in this area, without know-how, even with the exclusive software. Some settings have to be made by the trader himself, even with automated use, such as the amount of the individual stakes, how many trades are processed daily, etc. The robot is now able to become active and carry out transactions independently of the trader.

After the analysis, solutions are sought to not just trade, but to realize profitable transactions. The probability calculations of Bitcoin Rush are amazingly realistic. For the trading platform only numbers are important and usable. However, the user must know exactly how the software works in order to make the right settings. Those who are reluctant to commission a robot can create their own analyses and control the trading transactions manually. The analyses presented by the software are helpful for the independent execution of the transactions.

At this point, it is clear that the necessary basic knowledge must be available, combined with Bitcoin Rush experiences, strategies can be best designed in demo mode.

Bitcoin Rush Test

The neutral Bitcoin Rush review confirms the seriousness of Bitcoin Rush. However, the fact that the platform cannot be tested before registration was considered a disadvantage. However, registration is free of charge, the demo version is suitable for testing the platform. The new customer does not take any risks, so Bitcoin Rush is definitely recommendable.

All features are tested by us to ensure that we present accurate and precise conclusions about Bitcoin Rush. This Bitcoin Rush fraud issue did not happen to our live trading and following several withdrawals. Our Bitcoin Rush Review was able to prove this trading platform’s legitimacy and security.

Safety Instructions for the Trader

Advice on security is relevant for every trader, especially before registering a new broker:

  • The demo version must be tested before the first “real” transaction, if none is available, this is a bit questionable
  • At the beginning it makes sense to pay only the lowest amount
  • Inform in advance about costs incurred
  • Look for alternatives

Different functions of the software

Einfach, sicher und zuverlässig Kryptowährungen hier kaufen, verwalten und verkaufen.

What exactly does automatic or manual function mean?

The automatic function allows the trades to be executed, sometimes quite successfully, without the trader having to do anything. The robot makes the relevant decisions within seconds, as it has already checked the data in this time span. The speed is significant and leads to increased profits.

The manual function, on the other hand, is carried out on the basis of the signals. The trader receives the recommendations, when and whether currencies should be bought or sold, from the trading platform. However, the trader must make the decisions himself. The used AI is able to do a lot of things that humans can achieve in much longer periods of time.

It should be noted that the software is based on a robot, but sometimes receives valuable information from established brokers. Bitcoin Rush is transparent, the trader is always informed which trades are running, how much profit has been achieved at the moment, etc. Experts recommend to reopen the activities in this trading platform every trading day and end them in the evening.

Ultimately, Bitcoin Rush scores points with its unparalleled customer service, which provides competent assistance with problems and questions. The advertising slogan, which is present on the Internet, agrees with the results published by the neutral Bitcoin Rush test. “BTC Rush – the key to profitable trading with Bitcoin”. Based on the precise analyses, there is certainly the possibility of achieving above-average profits. Beginners can use this platform just as effortlessly, the automatic use promotes the motivation of the beginner. The demo account is suitable for dealing with the material and internalizing the basic concepts. You can test the possibilities of success in the demo account.

What is the Bitcoin Rush algorithm

Retail experts developed the software. Technical and fundamental analyses are taken into account by the robot for the realization of the trades. The biggest advantage, however, is the speed combined with the accuracy. Emotions and hasty or delayed closings of any trading transactions do not exist for a robot; numbers and only numbers are relevant for the software.

Of course, it is not possible to present an exactly defined amount as daily profit, because profit margins are of course always different even with the best analysis results and most successful price trends. The robot is capable of handling transactions 24 hours a day. However, the accuracy is astonishing, from 80% it is optimal, while the special Bitcoin Rush achieves well over 90%.

The trading robot is quite capable of analyzing millions of factors and elements and delivering reasonable signals. Realizing these skills in a short time highlights Bitcoin Rush and arouses the interest of professional traders. Bitcoin Rush is considered the leader in this industry.


Many users are uncertain, because the promises and the advertising are sometimes not quite realistic. Otherwise, every neutral Bitcoin Rush review evaluates just this software as serious and quite promising. Advisors encourage new customers to register, pay the minimum amount of 250 Euros and test the software.

It makes sense, if a deposit has already been made and thus a certain risk exists, to use the demo version at the beginning. The real transactions should actually run on an automated basis to get real results of the trading robot’s capabilities. Even small profits confirm the usefulness of this trading platform.

Last but not least, it should be noted that Bitcoin basically provides for lucrative trading transactions without exception. Every layman knows that Bitcoin brings above-average profits and realized a rapid rise in the share price years ago.

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>> Register at the Official Bitcoin Rush website

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